Can you Take a Candle on a Plane? Here's How to Travel with Candles.

Can you Take a Candle on a Plane? Here's How to Travel with Candles.

Whether you bought the most beautiful candle as a vacation souvenir or if you're taking a candle as a gift for a friend or loved one, traveling with candles can be nerve-racking. Can you take a candle on a plane?

Will your beautiful candle melt in transit? Will the glass vessel be protected enough so it won't break? Here are our top tips on how to travel with candles to ensure they arrive safely at your destination.

Solid candles vs. gel candles

First, let's talk about the types of candles you may be packing. The two most common types are solid and gel. Solid candles are the most common and are made of solid wax like soy, paraffin, and coconut. Gel candles are made of mineral oil and resin and are generally translucent in color.

These two types of candles have to be treated differently as the materials they are made of behave differently in similar situations.

Can you take a candle through airport security?

Just like the two types of candles, there are two answers to this question. So let's take them separately...

Can you take gel candles through airport security? Yes - but only if the candle is under 3.4 oz and treated like a liquid. So these are usually better off in your checked bag.

Can you take solid candles through airport security? Yes. You can take solid wax candles in your carry on bag. However, we recommend keeping them easily accessible, as you will be flagged for additional screening.

In addition to this, we advise you do not wrap your gift candles until after you reach your destination. Of course if you're gifting Hotel Lobby Candles, all of our products arrive tied with a beautiful bow that can easily be slipped off and on. So there's no worry that a simple check will ruin your stunning gift presentation.

(And if you're into gifting candles but want some other ideas, here are 12 gift ideas for candle lovers.)

Why do candles get flagged by TSA?

Candles are very dense - especially solid candles. So they are usually hand checked by TSA just to make sure everything is ok and safe for you and your fellow travelers. If you are in a rush, or know you're going to be cutting it close to takeoff time, you'll be better off packing your candle in your checked bag.

However, if you allow yourself a little extra time knowing your candles will be inspected, you'll be better prepared.

Are candles allowed in checked bags?

Both gel and solid candles are allowed in checked bags. Depending on your trip, putting it in your checked bag is the easiest way to bring a candle on a plane. As mentioned above, if you are in a hurry or have a short amount of time to get through security, putting your candles in your checked bag is the way to go.

How to pack candles in a suitcase

When taking a candle on a plane, you want to make sure they are packed properly. For the safety of your candle and the rest of your belongings. We advise you pack your candles inside of sealed bags.

Just in case your candle melts on its journey. You don't want it to ruin anything else in your bag. When packing candles in a checked bag, put the candle in a sealed bag and then place it in your luggage making sure it is padded by clothing or other items to protect the glass vessel.

When packing candles in a carry on bag, make sure they are easily accessible. Logic would normally say place the candle at the bottom of your bag, since it is most likely one of the heavier items in your bag - as well as one you're not likely to use during your travel day.

However given that TSA will most likely remove them for inspection, you don't want them to dig down to the bottom of your perfectly packed bag to remove your candle. So make sure they're at the top or in an easily accessible compartment.

Of course once you're through security, you can repack your bag with your candles at the bottom and your more useful travel items at the top if you'd like.

No matter where you're going or what candles you're taking with you, we hope you have a safe journey. And if once you get home you'd like to bring the luxury hotel vibe to your home, we hope you'll keep our five-star favorites in mind.

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