What Does Amber Smell Like?

What Does Amber Smell Like?

Picture this... You're searching your favorite candle's website (HLC of course) looking for a new seasonal fragrance. When you get to the scent notes, you see things like wood, rose, and amber. But what does amber smell like?

How to describe what amber smells like:

Amber is usually described as warm, exotic, and sensual. It can also be described as sweet and woody and usually has notes of frankincense, tonka bean, and vanilla. Uniquely, amber is not a single fragrance like lavender or eucalyptus.

Rather it is a combination of scents blended together to create an "amber" scent because actual amber resin doesn't have any smell at all. When it comes to the traditional perfume fragrance families, amber is from the group of scents previously known as "oriental." (The four most common fragrance families are woody, floral, amber, and fresh.)

The amber scent family is generally made up of woody amber, amber, and soft amber fragrances. These scents include herb, spice, and powdery notes.

What scents are usually combined with amber?

Amber is a deeper scent that pairs well with warmer fall and winter scents, but it can also be brightened up for spring and summer. It is also a fantastic unisex scent that doesn't lean too fruity or floral. Commonly, amber is used as a base note to be combined with a variety of top and mid notes. Some of the most popular scents to combine with amber are vetiver, sandalwood, oakmoss, citrus, florals, musk, or various spices.

If you like amber, you may also like these scents:

Since amber isn't a natural scent, there are a lot of different types of amber. So we recommend looking into all other scent notes to ensure you'll like the fragrance combination. However, the most popular scents that will pair well with or be similar to amber are vanilla, powder, balsam, sandalwood, and vetiver.

Our recommendations:

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