9 LGBTQ+ Creators You Should Be Following

9 LGBTQ+ Creators You Should Be Following

In honor of our PRIDE candle, we teamed up with 9 incredible LGBTQ+ creators who helped bring our vision to life through images, videos, and storytelling.

These talented friends-of-HLC epitomize everything the PRIDE candle represents: brightness, positive energy, advocacy, and most importantly…FUN! They have truly inspired us, and we think they'll inspire you too.

Check out their accounts by clicking below.



Benjamin Romero is an LA-based portrait and lifestyle photographer with a love of color, self-expression, and capturing authentic moments. In addition to getting creative behind the lens, he also loves taking self-portraits implementing natural elements, merging masculine and feminine energies, and creating aesthetic color stories. When he's not shooting or working, he is most likely looking for the next amazing thing to eat, binge-watching reality TV, or reading.


Arianna and Yubyn Choi - 1 Korean🇰🇷 1 Mexican🇲🇽 Married & proud lesbians🏳️‍🌈 Travel | Lifestyle | Food


Kameron Lester (he/him) is the definition of self care and self-expression this Pride month. A pioneer in the beauty creator space, Kam inspires us to dress our best, even when soaking in a bubble bath.


Meet Scott (Daddy) and Thomas (Dad) who have been together for over a decade. They met in Ireland (where Thomas is from) in 2008 and the rest was history. They had a civil partnership in 2012, followed by the birth of their two boys via surrogacy in 2014. The vonBKs love to travel and learn about new cultures and look forward to sharing wordly adventures with their children!


Matt Woodcox (he/him) is the OG Skincare Spice and HLC stan with cherub cheeks. Matt is known for his beauty and skincare reviews and has been featured in @glamourmag @cosmopolitanuk @glamourgermany @voguethailand @vogueindia. 


Natalie Cass - Self Care & LGBTQ+ she/her 🌱 your gay self care bestie 🌈✨🌊🌞🧘🏼‍♀️

@alliecalegari + @secretgaygent

Allie and Becca are a lesbian couple committed to empowering LGBTQ+ women to live their most confident and authentic lives by breaking down societal barriers and promoting an aspirational lifestyle achievable by all. Through their platforms, @alliecalegari and @secretgaygent, they inspire and uplift their community by providing fashion, relationship, wellness and cooking content designed specifically for femme and androgynous women.


Alysse Dalessandro is a queer plus size writer and content creator based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her social media, Ready to Stare, and corresponding blog, readytostare.com, focus on creating inclusive fashion, travel and lifestyle content all while challenging the norms of what it means to live with type 2 diabetes. Whether it’s wearing a crop top, zip lining through the rain forest or searching for LGBTQ+ friendly themed hotels, Alysse shows that if she can do it, so can you!

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