How to Put Out a Candle: 2 Methods We Recommend, and 2 We Don't

How to Put Out a Candle: 2 Methods We Recommend, and 2 We Don't

When it comes time to put out your candle, you may be wondering which method is best. In our experience, these are the four most popular ways to put out a candle - blowing it out, putting a lid on it, using a wick dipper, and using a candle snuffer. However, we only recommend two of them.

Can I blow out a candle?

Technically, yes you can. But we don't recommend it. When you blow out a candle, you risk the possibility of blowing wax everywhere. Blowing your candle out can also cause issues with your wax like tunneling and unevenness. Plus, you're allowing the candle wick to emit a lot of smoke. This can reduce the effect of both the cold throw of your candle, as well as the residual warm throw that may be left in the room.

Should I put the lid on a candle to put it out?

Again, technically putting the lid back on your candle is another way to put it out. But this method comes with a lot of potential issues. First, it traps the smoke in your candle, which can infuse it back into the melted wax and possibly change its cold and warm throw in the future. Second, it can fill your vessel with soot and make it dirty and turn black. Last but not least, putting the lid back on the candle while it is still hot can cause the lid to suction to the vessel and can even cause it to break.

What is a wick dipper?

A wick dipper is one of our top two recommended ways to put out your candle. Wick dippers usually have a long handle with a hook on one end. To extinguish the candle, use the wick dipper to quickly dip the wick into the melted wax and then lift it back out. This will instantly put out your candle with very little smoke.

How do I use a snuffer?

Using a candle snuffer is our absolute favorite way to extinguish your candle. (Especially if you're using our gold candle snuffer.) A snuffer has a long handle with a bell shape on one end. To put out your candle, hold the snuffer over your candle and lower the bell end onto the lit flame. Once your snuffer fully envelopes the flame, hold it there for a moment until the flame fully goes out. Make sure your snuffer does not go into the melted wax. When your candle is fully out, remove the snuffer.

Overall, all four methods will extinguish your candle's flame. However we only recommend using a wick dipper or a snuffer in order to preserve the quality of your candle wax and fragrance.

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