What is Candle Throw?

What is Candle Throw?

While the concierge certainly knows the ins and outs of candle care, our guests aren’t always as familiar with all things that get lit. One thing you might come across when learning more about candles is the term “candle throw.” Here, we’re outlining exactly what candle throw is, and how you can use it to source high quality, fragrant candles for your space.

What is Candle Throw? 

Candle throw is a term used to describe the quality and intensity of a candle’s scent. If a candle has a strong throw, that means that it’s very fragrant and can fill up a room with its scent easily. On the other hand, a candle with weak throw would suggest that it’s not super fragrant and that it doesn’t permeate throughout the room. 

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Types of Candle Throw

Without getting too technical, it’s important to know that there are two types of candle throw. These can both help you decide which candle is best suited for your home. 

Hot throw

This refers to the strength of the fragrance when the candle is lit. It's the scent you smell while your favorite candle is burning.

Cold throw

If you’ve already gotten your hands on a Hotel Lobby Candle, then you’ve already experienced cold throw firsthand. Cold throw is the unlit scent of a candle, which hasn’t been lit. This refers to the fragrance that you can smell when a candle is still in its box or while it's sitting on a counter.

What Type of Candle Throw is Best? 

While not everyone will care about candle throw,  if you’re looking for a fragrance that fills up a room, it’s certainly something to pay attention to. When shopping for candles, you can ask questions about the strength of the throw to help you decide whether or not a particular pick is right for you. 

Deciding on an intensity of candle throw is a personal decision that can vary depending on the size of your space. For example, if you live in a large house with high ceilings or big rooms, a candle with a strong throw will likely be best. If you rent a small apartment, a candle with a weaker throw might be a better choice.

Personally, our concierge loves a candle with a strong throw. This ensures that we can smell it all the time — whether it’s lit or not.

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