Do candle warmers work? Here's everything you need to know.

Do candle warmers work? Here's everything you need to know.

When it comes to proper candle care, we know our Candle Snobs are always searching for the best (and most aesthetically pleasing) ways to use their candles. And next to burning them, wax warmers are our second favorite way to fill your home with the aromatic pleasures of Hotel Lobby Candle. But do candle warmers work? Will they ruin your candle wax? How long will the candle's scent last? Follow us down the rabbit hole and let's discuss.

How do candle warmers work?

There are two kinds of wax warmers - top down, and bottom up. Top down candle warmers look like little lamps and they warm your candle from a heat source (usually a light bulb) above the surface of the candle. Bottom up candle warmers look like coasters and are mini hot plates that heat your candle up from the bottom. When using a bottom up candle warmer, you want to start with a smaller candle so that the wax in the vessel can melt completely. However, top down candles will not melt the wax all the way through - rather they will slowly melt the wax pool from the top.

How long can I leave my wax warmer on?

Just like with a flame burning candle, you should only leave your candle warmer on for a few hours at a time. After about 3-4 hours, turn the candle warmer off and allow your candle to fully cool before warming it again. This will help preserve your candle, its wax, and its fragrance (also known as throw) - and give you the most optimal usage.

How long do candle warmer scents last?

The scent life of your candle will depend on the type of wax and fragrance oils used. Here at Hotel Lobby Candle, we use the highest percent of fragrance our 100% soy wax will hold. However, other candles use a mix of paraffin, other waxes, synthetic fragrances, and other ingredients that could give them a longer (or shorter) scent life but that also means they aren't as clean burning.

When using a bottom up warmer, once all of the wax in the vessel has melted, it will eventually lose its fragrance. At that point, you will need to dispose of the remaining wax, as it will no longer hold any scent.

When using a top down candle warmer, you will only be warming the top layers of your candle. Once the top layer has been warmed to the point that it no longer produces fragrance, remove the wax and start warming the next layer to release its scent.

Do I need to dump out used wax?

It depends. If you are using a bottom up warmer, you will dispose of the entire candle (or the wax inside if you are planning to reuse your vessel.) However, if you are using a top down warmer, you will dump out each layer of wax once it no longer releases fragrance.

What do I do with my candle after I use a candle warmer?

One of our favorite things about our Hotel Lobby Candles is that our vessels are designed to be reused. Once you have either completely burned your candle or used your candle warmer to the point that the wax no longer holds fragrance, you can remove any remaining wax and reuse your vessel. Some of our favorite ways to reuse HLC vessels are as pencil holders, bathroom jewelry catch-alls, and pet treat holders. (But if you love upcycling and sustainability as much as we do, we have a list of over 20 ideas for you!)

Whether you choose to burn your candles or warm them, you're sure to find a Hotel Lobby Candle fragrance to suit any mood. Not sure where to start? Take our scent quiz.

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